Canvas Collection

Michał, 18 december 2017
Canvas Collection

Canvas is a collection of simple products for daily use. The objects act as a plain canvas, which we paint upon. The pieces bring ease and harmony into our everyday life and leave us room for assigning meaning and value.

Simple forms and sustainable use of materials are the focus points of this collection. Transparent finish is used to highlight the beauty of stoneware. The collection is handmade in a family run ceramic factory in Southern Poland. All pieces are fired in a high temperature to ensure their durability. We’ve made sure that our items are dishwasher and microwave safe.

The collection has been awarded a 'must have' quality mark by Lodz Design Festival 2017 rewarding the best implementations from Polish designers and manufacturers.

Photographs - Michaela Metesová
Styling - Magdalena Zielasko

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