Gradient Collection

Michał, 19 december 2017
Gradient Collection

   ,Gradient is about subtly emerging and discreetly disappearing’

The idea for Gradient Collection originated from a search of a form that could be pleasantly embraced with a palm of a hand. We found it in a sphere, which is inscribed into Gradient mugs and jugs. The lightness of their volumes is enhanced by gradient glazing in pastel colours. The collection consists of mugs in three sizes, a jug and a small plate. A set that will accompany you in daily rituals.

The collection was designed and hand made by Katarzyna and Michał from Mleko Living, in their workshop. It is made out of high-fired stoneware material, which is very durable, dishwasher and microwave safe. Due to the characteristics of the glazing technique each piece is unique.

Editorial Photography - Mleko

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