III: 2-Person Set of Plates and Soup Plates (6 pcs.)


Shipping time: 7 dni

A set of 4 flat plates and 2 soup plates for 2 people made out of stoneware ceramics. 

2x Spotted Plate No.1: d=21 cm h=2 cm
2x Spotted Plate No.2: d=26 cm h=2 cm
2x Spotted Soup Plate d=16 cm h=5 cm

Our ceramics is carefully hand thrown on a potter's wheel. Thanks to this handmade process every piece is unique. The clay body used for making the ceramics contains minerals, which appear on the surface as dots during firing in the high temperature. This creates a beautiful and natural pattern enhanced by glossy white glazing. The glazing and the firing in the high temperature make the ceramics very durable and practical in everyday use. 

The set makes for a perfect wedding gift. 

Purchasing the plates in a set is more cost-efficient.


This product is made to order. Shipping time: 2-3 weeks. In case of urgent orders please contact us: info@mlekoliving.com 

Handling and care

Our ceramics is safe in use in microwave and in dishwasher (low temperatures only). However, hand washing will extend their lifespan. 

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