How it Works

Few elements – endless possibilities


Create your own

Choose one of the sets or compose your unique arrangement out of the single elements.

Assemble without tools

Screw the elements effortlessly together with your own hands. All parts come flat packed and can be stored in the same way.

Modify anytime

You can change the configuration of your Mleko Shelving at any time by rearranging the existing structure or by adding new elements.

Easy assembly

Follow these simple steps to assemble your set

What is it made of?


All components of Mleko Shelving System are made with either natural or recyclable materials.


We use a special kind of wood boards for the shelves called block boards. They consist of solid confer planks covered with natural oak or ash wood veneer. They are finished with matte lacquer for maximum durability.


All the structural elements along with the steel shelves are powder coated with matt lacquer. This makes them easy to maintain.

Stainless steel adjustable foot
Mleko Shelving System Detail
Powder coated steel with matt finish