Aga and Ala are two sisters, best friends and business partners. Together they run Babie Lato a well-known Polish floristic workshop. Their flower arrangements are distinguished by lightness, naturalness and subdued colour palette. On the one hand their compositions look effortless as if they were just flowers collected in a meadow, but on the other they suit the most sophisticated ballrooms. 

The sisters inherited their grandmother’s love of seasonal flowers. However, their adventure with floristry began by accident when a friend asked them for help in decorating her wedding party. It’s been 4 years now and around 150 weddings in different venues.

For many, being a florist may seem like a pleasant and light job perfect for women. But in fact it’s a hard physical job involving getting up at 3 a.m. to buy flowers on the market, lifting weights and climbing heights. However the view of the beautifully decorated room and the satisfaction of the bride and groom reward it.

Agnieszka is regularly gaining new skills in Europe’s most renowned floristic workshops. Now she wants to share her knowledge with others and for some time now has been organising floristic workshops herself: for beginners and professionals.

Meanwhile Alicja, an accountant by education, supervises the studio’s finances and additionally develops her own project – Shy Ribbons. This is an online store with unique wedding and floristic decorations: silk ribbons and pastel candles.

Both girls give off tons of positive energy and are proof that nothing is impossible for women.

Mleko Shelving System

The set shown in the pictures is similar to a Mleko Plant Stand 03 in grey steel.

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December 2019
Babie Lato
Floristic workshop in Kraków