After a break due to the lockdown we were extremely happy to head for our next visit to our neighbour and friend – Magdalena Zielasko and her charming apartment in Kraków city center. Magda runs Zielasko Social Media Management. Its services include: photography, graphic design and copywriting. She works from home or in one of the nearby cafes. For larger commissions, she creates a collective with befriended young artists and photographers.

The apartment is located in a historic tenement house from the end of the 19th century. A winding and quite dark staircase leads to it. However, immediately after opening the door we find ourselves in a different world: bright, calm, filled with the scent of patchouli essential oil and music from the turntable.

Magda does her best to live according to the zero waste philosophy. Almost all the furniture in the apartment is second hand: in most cases she got them from her grandparents or found them on the street. The largest piece of furniture in the apartment – the only one that remained after the former owner Basia – is a custom made wooden wall unit from the 1950s, which according to Magda ‚can fit it all’. If we find something new here, it will probably be an object created by young Polish designers or craftsmen such as Fenek, Hadaki, ÅOOMI, Balagan, Łyko and a big collection of Mleko Living ceramics : )

Art reproductions are ubiquitous in the apartment – souvenirs from visits to European galleries and museums. In the living room, by the window, a small jungle is formed by tall potted plants. Caring for them is an important ritual for Magda, for which they pay off with their lush appearance. Although in the apartment we can find quite a few sentimental objects, there is also a lot of space and empty, white walls. All of this creates an interior full of harmony and good energy.

You can read more about Magdalena’s work at: and her instagram profile.

Mleko Shelving System

In Magdalena’s apartment you can spot Bookcase 02 in white steel and oak veneer as well as Sideboard 01 also in white and oak.

June 2020
Magdalena Zielasko’s apartment
Kraków City Center