Our Mission



For life. We are against disposability and obsolescence of furniture. That’s why Mleko Shelving has a timeless design and is made out of durable materials, so that it can stay with you for years.

Ecological. Our shelves are made in 100% out of natural wood. All items are flat packed in this way using less packaging. The production takes place locally reducing transport emissions.

Recyclable. Mleko furniture consists of simple, single material parts. This means that they can be easily recycled or replaced during use.



Sold directly. You can buy Mleko furniture only directly from us. We invest the fees that would normally go to agents and resellers into quality and materials.

Flexible. We know that your needs might change over time. That is why our System is adaptable so that you don’t have to buy new furniture every time you move. You can always reconfigure your set, add new elements or split a larger set into smaller ones.

Flat packed. The System is designed in a way that the elements can be packed flat. Thanks to that their transport, storage and packaging is easier, cheaper and more ecological.

Mleko Shelving System Sideboard



Problem solving. We strive for clever ideas which solve our everyday problems. We identified a constant change and disposability as challenges of our time. That’s why Mleko Shelving System is able to evolve with you hereby producing less waste.

Simple and timeless. The System is super easy in handling: with no need for tools during assembly and flat storage, which takes minimum space. What is more: simple things never get out of style.

Personal touch. We have put a lot of effort into designing every detail of each element. However it is you who will add the final touch to the design by choosing the elements arrangement and finish, which will best fit your space.