Our philosophy

Mleko means milk: a natural product for daily use. Everyday life and home are what we focus on at Mleko Living.

Our recipe for simpler and more mindful life is to possess fewer things and carefully choose the ones we really need. By choosing essential over excessive and natural over artificial we make our home a better place to live.

The architectural background makes us sensitive to materiality and structure of things.  We value familiar shapes, natural materials, and moderation. We strive for what is intuitive to use and soothing to look at. We partner with experienced local craftsmen to deliver the highest quality, long-lasting goods for your home. 

About Mleko 

Mleko Living is a design studio that creates simple objects for everyday use in cooperation with local craftsmen. Mleko Living was founded in 2017 by Katarzyna Zaluska and Michal Zaluski, from Krakow, Poland. They developed their great interest in the functionality and aesthetics of human surroundings through studying architectural design at universities in Cracow, Munich and Eindhoven.


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